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  • What are the possible minor discomfort driven by of Petguard?
    The most common allergy observed include minor itchiness and hair loss at the application spot but the effect will vanish within 2-3days after the skin get used to the product content. Secondly if pet accidentally lick the product , due to its bitter taste nature, it will stimulate the salivary glands to produce more saliva to neutralize the bitter taste. Encourage to prepare a fresh water to clean and wipe away the content on the mouth.
  • Why shall I use natural product?
    It is an good replacement for chemical pesticide product as it reduce the risk of high chemical exposure and side effects.
  • Shall I use Petguard when my pet has serious infestation?
    When it is a very serious infestation, please use chemical pesticide product as initial dosage. After using chemical pesticide product, Petguard can be used as a monthly maintenance to prevent infestation from happening.
  • Why shall I apply Petguard monthly?
    Prevention is always better than treatment. By maintaining the use of Petguard, this can reduce the probability of having tick fever disease and get rid of bite of an infected tick by directly repelling ticks & fleas from approaching your pet and prevents infestation.
  • Shall I let my pet wear e-collar when Petguard is applied?
    It's recommended but not compulsory. Your pet may accidentally lick the application spot and start drooling due to the liquid being bitter tasting.
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