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One Simple Step E Month
  • Part away the fur and apply Petguard in between the shoulder blades of your pet.

  • Now just let the oil content of your pet carry Petguard throughout its body and continue with your day.

  • One monthly dose to protect your pet from common pests.

  • Fully natural product so it's completely fine even if your pet licked the liquid.


Petguard Natural Spot-on is 100% natural and synthetic insecticide free.

It provides a completely natural way to protect your pet from fleas, ticks and mosquitos.

Petguard to be applied to your pet's shoulder blade and back as directed will provide optimal repellent protection from fleas, ticks and mosquitos if renewed every 4 weeks.

For treatment of dogs, use one 1.5ml bottle for weights up to 10kg, two for 10-20kg, three for 20-30kg, four for 30-40kg and five for 40kg+.

Petguard can be used on puppies and kittens over 3 months old.

Petguard contains the natural ingredient of balanced blended natural extracts that protect your pet from ticks & fleas and larvae but exclude chemicals,synthetic insecticides and harmful pet control elements .No side effect and intoxicate incident with the application since estabilishment. 

Petguard Natural Spot-On - A Holistic Petcare Product , a completely insecticide-free ticks & fleas regulator.



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